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Watch Rugby Live Streams

We love sport! We love rugby. And we love watching live rugby streams. Watch with us on your PC, tablet or mobile. You can watch with us anywhere.

Love rugby facts? Can you answer these questions? Answers are below.

  • What was the longest penalty kick in a international test match?
  • What is the competition between New Zealand and South Africa called?
  • What is the name of the Rugby World Cup trophy?
  • Originally, Super Rugby was played by the three nations, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. What were the two nations added in 2016?
  • When and where did rugby sevens originate?
  • Who is the tallest player in rugby union?

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In 1986 Welsh player Paul Thorburn scored a penalty kick against Scotland at a distance of 64.2 meters (70 yards 8 inches) helping Wales to win the game 22-15.

New Zealand and South Africa play for the Freedom Cup. Of the 28 games they have played the All Blacks have won 20.

The Webb Ellis Cup is named after William Webb Ellis, a pupil at Rugby School in 1823, who, according to rugby folklore, picked up the ball and ran with it and thus invented rugby.

The Sun Wolves from Japan and the Jaguares from Argentina were added bringing the total number of teams to 18 for a short time.

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Sevens rugby originated in the 1880s in Scotland and was very popular in the Borders area.

The Scots were instrumental in spreading the game abroad, most notably in Hong Kong where there was a large Scottish presence.

Richard Metcalfe was a giant of the game. He won 13 caps for Scotland and was 213cm (7 feet) tall.

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